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Dubai Offshore at Glance

In 2003, Dubai Ports and Customs Authority issued the Regulation “On Offshore Companies” and authority of Jebel Ali got authorized to register offshore companies in Dubai. JAFZA Offshore Company Formation The Jebel Ali Offshore Company is regulated by Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority Offshore Companies Regulations of 2003. It’s been designed in a manner that can hold freehold property in…

BVI Limited Liability Partnership Act

British Virgin Islands (BVI) is well known for its fabulous natural beauty, opulent mountain ridges, jewel-colored waters, and soft sandy beaches. Moreover, it also outshines its peers in the industry of global financial services. The new BVI Limited Partnerships Act, 2017 provides for several changes in erstwhile BVI legislature. Remarkably, this territory is perpetual in its pursuit of refining and…

UAE Residency Visa

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most attractive countries in the world in terms of the operation of business and residence. The attractive advantages of the country include tax free status, high standards of living, excellent opportunities for business development, economic and political stability. This makes the UAE Residency Visa the most sought after visa in the world.…

Value Added Tax Return Filing Process In The UAE

VAT has already been introduced to the UAE since 1st January 2018 and crossing distinct phases, with time moving ahead. Companies were busy getting their registrations done and now are moving towards their first return filing that would strike shortly. Individuals and businesses who have registered themselves for VAT are required to submit VAT return in the UAE in a…

Impact of VAT on Hotel and Leisure Sector

The Hotel & Leisure (H&L) sector is comprised mainly of the following subsectors: tourism and tour operators, hotel industry, airlines etc. (Impact of VAT on Hotel and Leisure Sector) The scope of Hotel & Leisure services under these sub sectors is quite broad and may include: Tour packages Transport services Hotel accommodation services Restaurant meals Ticketing fees Entertainment fees (internet,…

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