Case Studies

Forensic Audit

The Challenge:

A large MNC Chemical Company found evidence that many tickets were booked and purchased around Christmas time using the name of the top management
using fake id similar to that of the original email id.

Our Role:

We were asked by our client to investigate the matter expeditiously and discreetly, with a view to having the investigation handed over to the authorities for prosecution. An added component was that the suspect, who was unaware of our investigation, was in the process of purchasing more tickets and hotel stay during the Christmas holidays while the offices are closed.


Our investigation required us to analyse multiple accounts in order to untangle a number of fund transfers.. Within a short space of time we had investigated the matter and identified that the suspect had misappropriated well over $ 18,000 for his Christmas holiday air travel and hotel accommodation.

We also undertook a forensic investigation of the suspect’s computer IP. We were able to retrieve (intact) two incriminating documents that the suspect had created.

We prepared a comprehensive report for the Office who subsequently took over the investigation. A large proportion of the misappropriated funds have been recovered.

NRDoshi and Partners was able to assemble a very experienced team of specialists, uniquely qualified to assist us in the investigation. It was enormously valuable and allowed us to quickly and efficiently identify and fix the problem to recover the embezzled funds and set strict controls to avoid future lapses.

General Manager of Company in Retail Industry

NR Doshi

NR Doshi