Case study : Audit and Assurance


A major financial services company needed assistance for compliance with their global reporting requirements as well as submitting their audited financial statements to the local authorities.

Case Overview

The client is a major financial services company with global operations. They had operations in 4 continents with offices in around 10 cities. The client had a different auditor for different countries, depending on availability. The reports sent in my the auditors had to be synchronized and then managed internally by the clients as the auditors were different. This led to them missing their reporting requirements at multiple locations as they found it difficult to coordinate with multiple auditors. Financial and Security Commission of the countries had issued them a warning and a letter of non-compliance.


The client needed a system where they could focus on their core business functions without having to worry about reporting requirements. Their main problem in this regard was that their operation in multiple countries had created issues with multiple auditors as they themselves weren’t associated with each other. So, the core issue was the failure of coordination between multiple auditors which led to the non compliance with Security Commission of two countries.

Business Solution

N R Doshi and Partners approached the client and pitched as a DFK member with other associate members of DFK working globally. We assured them about assisting them to achieve timely audit completion. We were subsequently appointed as auditors. We knew their requirements and so with the help of our DFK network we assigned DFK member as auditors in different countries. This helped us in managing the deliverables better and delivering timely reports to the authorities. We helped the company by being a central point of contact and executed the audit through the DFK member firms. We worked with their UAE office and coordinated with other DFK members in the US, Europe and Africa.

Current Status

The company has met its compliance and reporting requirements consistently for the past 3 years with N R Doshi and Partners.