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We are one of the prominent consultancies providing company formation in Dubai and other emirates of UAE. We also offer business setup in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and all other emirates. Federal Government governs company registration in UAE. Therefore, at the time of setting up a business, one must make sure it is compliant with all rules and regulations, own all the required licenses, and has permits related to their specific industry. You will find multiple business setup consultants in Dubai and other parts of UAE, but a very few will own the efficiency in all three types of company formations: LLC company formation, Free Zone company formation, and Offshore company formation.

We believe that to win the race, one must run strategically. For that reason, we focus on a start that keeps moving your company forward in a continuous fashion. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an experienced businessman, we will render you with unparalleled service and exceptional guidance.

In order to promote commerce and company setup in UAE, the government offers the most liberal and attractive business terms for the companies. Keeping that in mind, we have designed our business setup service in UAE, which efficiently aids international companies who wish to establish a financial relationship with the UAE. It will help the company by providing on-the-spot presence, easy reach to the market, facile contact generation, and handling domestic & international transactions. Our excellent team even offers exclusive solutions for companies you wish to start in Dubai free zones.

Company Formation

LLC Company Formation

LLC Company Formation

LLC companies can be situated anywhere amongst any of the seven emirates. One of the most favorable investment is LLC company formation in Dubai. However, company formation in Dubai can be a challenging task if you do not have a reliable service provider such as N R Doshi & Partners.

Our expertise, experience, and reputation in the UAE and UAE free zones would help you out in LLC company formation in Dubai in a very short period. We keep track of every activity that may influence company formation to get done with business setup in Dubai in a trouble-free way. This makes sure all our clients remain compliant with the UAE business laws.

Before getting started with your business, there are various licenses that you need to obtain in which we will help you out. In case your business is related to trading (import and export), you will need a specific trading license. Our agent will provide you details about the documents required, make you familiar with the procedure, and aid you when it is necessary to give presence in front of the authorities.

The professional license has a limited requirement, which will let you provide services.

In case you are looking for consultants for a manufacturing company setup in Dubai, or anywhere else in UAE, you should reach N R Doshi & Partners without a second thought.

Our representatives will guide you when you deal with the Department of Economic Development (DED) for getting the license issued. There are some of the products that will require special approval (Gold Trading, Medicine Factories, Electronic Games Centre, etc.), and only special company formation service providers can let you get the license for those products.

One must note that irrespective of the products involved in your business, 51% of the shares need to be represented by a UAE national. This condition excludes professional activities (for which professional license is required) on which you can have 100% ownership.

You choose the destination and we will be your navigation

From the initial stage to reaching the aim, it’s a long journey loaded with hurdles. N R Doshi and Partners will be your best advisory partner ready to support you at the time of need.

Best advisory partner
How N R Doshi helpful

How N R Doshi & Partners can be helpful for you?

We will find out a trustworthy local national who can act as a sponsor.
Assist you in recognizing the most suitable location for your company.
We will guide you through all the licensing and approval processes.
If you face issues related to opening bank accounts, we will help you to get through it.
We will arrange residence visas for your investors and company employees.

Free zone Company Formation

Free zones are established for attracting enterprises associated with specific industries. Some of the renowned free zones are Ajman Free Zone, Dubai Airport Free Zone, Jafza Free Zone, Dubai Airport Free Zone, etc. The development of free zones encourages foreigners to invest in Dubai. This lower down the dependency of the UAE on oil & gas for economic growth.

The main advantage is you don’t need to be a UAE citizen to own the company. It is a significant difference between an LLC Company and a free zone company. You can have the complete ownership, and it doesn’t require to provide 51% share to a person holding the UAE citizenship.

It is the best option when you are physically moving your business to the UAE. We would help you to find out the suitable free zone whether you need to conduct freezone company formation in Dubai or company formation in any other emirate. However, most of the free zones are located in Dubai itself, and that’s the reason it is celebrated so much.

These free zones have their own laws and regulations, which every company needs to follow, whichever is based on any of them. Moreover, it has its own body for governing the law, and very own court system.

Free zone Company Formation

Features of various free zones

Offshore Company Formation

The concept of an offshore company is introduced to minimize the tax payment and secure the company’s wealth. This idea efficiently improves the tax-saving with proper methods beneficial for established companies and entrepreneurs. According to the UAE law, an offshore company doesn’t need to pay income or corporate tax.

We will make sure you own 100% ownership of your offshore company without the need of any UAE citizen or sponsor. Along with the ownership, you get complete privacy and anonymity, and we make efforts to maintain it. Though you are allowed to own multi-currency bank accounts, it may require some assistance to get through the bank account opening procedure. We, as your consultants for offshore company formation in Dubai, we will assist you in opening all the required bank accounts.

We have licensed agents who can guide you through the offshore company formation in Dubai and other emirates of UAE. With our offshore company formation service and support, you can realize your dream to own a company in Dubai.

Offshore Company Formation
Jafza offshore company formation

Jafza offshore company formation

The Jafza free zone, which is the short form of Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority, was introduced in the year 1985. One of the most prime free zones- Jafza Dubai is UAE’s largest from where the highest number of Offshore companies are operated in Dubai.

At Jafza, one can conduct any legal business except insurance, reinsurance, or banking. However, it can only be done after you own a valid license. For getting supervision for license procedure, it is necessary to have a local partner. We will go through your company requirements and product details to get the required license.

The benefit of JAFZA offshore company formation is that shareholders and directors don’t need to be UAE residents. You will need one registered office and registered agent to start a company in Jafza. Just reach us out for the JAFZA Offshore company formation, and we will provide you with both- a registered agent as well as a certified office space.

To continue working in the Jafza free zone, you need services related to accounting too. As there is a rule to maintain accounts for ten years, our accounting services in the UAE can be helpful for you.

Though you are allowed to own immovable property in Jafza, you need to get a NOC (No Objection Certificate). For this complex process also, we are just a call away. We will make the process of getting NOC trouble-free.

RAK-ICC business companies

RAK free zone or RAK Internal Corporate Center (RAK ICC), which started in the year 2015, targeting the formation of international companies. To match with the international standards which offshore companies have, the new RAS Al Khaimah International Corporate Centre Business Companies Regulations 2016 was introduced and came into effect in the year 2016.

As every free zone has its own rules and regulations, RAK also has its own set to which our company formation experts are familiar with. Here, you need to have at least one shareholder, Director, and Secretary. You can even incorporate the company as a segregated portfolio company. You also get the right to own shares of other companies in the UAE. We, as the business setup consultants in Dubai, can help you with RAK ICC company formation.

Similarly, there are various other free zones with their own rules and regulations. N R Doshi & Partners keeps all the information related to laws and their respective implementations. Whenever an amendment occurs, we are the first ones to study it and make your business compliant with the law. Contact us to know more about our services and how we can be beneficial for you.

RAK-ICC business companies

Other company formation related services

Branch office setup

Branch and Representative office setup

When you need to promote your goods and services, it is necessary to own your branch office in Dubai, which requires to function as per the regulations assigned by the parent company. Holding a branch office will let you conduct sales in the local market, raise invoices, and generate payment in return.

However, instead of a branch office, if you own a representative office, direct operations and marketing can’t be conducted. There is where we come in the picture to help you out in promoting your business. We manage the licensing process for your branch office and deal with the Ministry of Economy and Planning.

You need to submit a guarantee amount which depends upon the business and activities. After you submit it, the license will be provided to you that you need to get renewed every two years. This process may look complicated, but it becomes straightforward when you get your company formation agent from us.

Corporate secretarial services

N R Doshi & Partners offers a wide range of corporate secretarial services which are necessary for having a smooth running of a company. These services help you to deal with essential processes. We even provide this service for MNCs by managing the international entity.
There is a complete process which we follow from the initial setup process to maintenance of the established office.

We will compare all the free zones to find the most cost-effective place of business for you
We physically make sure that the office options are as per your requirement
Details about administrative steps are discussed
Appoint a local service agent
We take care of registrations and required approvals
We will draft all the necessary documents
These documents are then legalized by contacting respective authorities
Provide aid in getting documents for an office lease agreement
Submission of documentation and obtaining licenses
Create a comprehensive business plan based upon industry, activities, and free zone location.
Corporate secretarial services

After the year-end, you may need license renewal for which we can aid you. First, we will collect all the information from your office required for renewal. Then, our agent will submit to those documents to the authorities and make the fees payment. You can also take the benefit of our auditing service, and we will make its submission as well. In case any issue arises, we will represent you and conduct meetings with authorities. As our company is highly regarded across the UAE, it will make your presence strong and flourish the business.

VISA service

VISA service

If you are setting up your business in UAE and also need to get visas arranged for your employees, we will manage all the permits.

We aid in getting any of the three types of visas: Private sector work visa, public sector work visa, and short duration work visa.

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