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Company Liquidation Procedure with Dubai Development Authority / DDA-Dubai in 2020

In this article we will have a look at Company Liquidation Procedure with Dubai Development Authority (DDA).

Dubai Development Authority is one of the prominent authorities playing an important role in the development of Dubai’s economy. The authority sets global level standards for real estate building, urban planning, and business services.

DDA Dubai is committed to developing an environment that is business-friendly and helps companies to grow exponentially. DDA takes care of the following processes:

  1. Planning of real estate and growth
  2. Issuing licenses for the services by which the authority governs the projects and industries coming under its jurisdiction.
  3. Development of industries

Dubai Development Authority

Liquidation Process with DDA

Company Liquidation procedure with Dubai Development Authority is as under:

Sending a notice to the Dubai development Authority

Before closing the company, you are required to submit a notice to the Dubai Development Authority. The notice must contain the reason for the closure of your company. It should be provided one month before the liquidation; otherwise, the penalty will be applied as per the lease agreement.

Attesting the board resolution

In case there are multiple shareholders, the company needs to present a board resolution for the deregistration of the company. It is required to be attested in front of executives of a free zone. In case if the shareholder is not residing in UAE, then the resolution should be notarized from the UAE embassy of the country from where the shareholders belong. It is also required to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE.

Submitting back the office key

The company is required to submit the office keys to the Dubai Development authority as they won’t be allowed to use the office space for any purpose. The lease agreement for the office is also canceled.

Announcement of company liquidation

The company needs to provide the news about the company liquidation by announcing it through two of the local newspapers. It is necessary to provide the news in both English and Arabic language

Submission of original documents

The original documents such as license, company formation certificate, lease agreement, additional activities license, permits, etc., are required to be submitted back to the Dubai Development Authority. These documents will no longer be valid after the liquidation request is submitted.

Clearance from Authorities

Before the completion of the liquidation process, it is necessary to pass clearance from the following authorities:

  1. Dubai Customs Department
  2. DDA Finance Department
  3. Etisalat Clearance. (If Required)
  4. DDA IT Section
  5. DDA Government Services Department
  6. Facilities Management Clearance

The authorities check the company for dues and frauds. Only after these authorities provide clearance, closure of the company is possible.

Liquidation Report

Dubai Development Authority requires preparation of a liquidation report which contains information on the company finances at the time of closure. This is to be done by a registered auditor in Dubai.

Company Liquidation Procedure with Dubai Development Authority


1. What is liquidation?

When a company wishes to wind up the business due to certain factors, the complete closing down process is known as company liquidation. In the process, one needs to sell out its assets to pay the debts and share of the shareholders. The liquidation process may differ as per the company structure.

2. How many days will it take for the complete liquidation of the company present in the Dubai Development Authority?

It will take around 10-12 days for the initial approval and 2-3 days for getting the company deregistration certificate.

3. What are the steps companies need to take before the liquidation process in DDA Dubai?

The companies must take the following steps before performing the liquidation process:
1) Paying all the remaining utility bills
2) Settling down the telecommunication bills
3) Closing of the bank accounts
4) Preparation of the financial audit report
5) Visa cancellation under the license

4. What are the basic requirements for company liquidation in Dubai Development Authority?

The basic requirements for company liquidation in Dubai Development Authority are as follow:
1) The board’s resolution approving the company liquidation in DDA
2) Employee visas must be canceled
3) A liquidation letter is required to be submitted to DDA approved auditors
4) One needs to obtain a clearance certificate from free zone authority
5) No objection certificate from the parent unit of the company
6) One needs to obtain a clearance certificate from Commercial Licensing Division Government section

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