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Dubai Studio City, Dubai Studio City Free Zone Business Setup | DSC Company Formation

Dubai Studio City Free Zone Business Setup | DSC Company Formation

Dubai Studio City, Dubai Studio City Free Zone Business Setup | DSC Company Formation

Dubai Studio City (DSC) is a global hub for production, broadcasting, and entertainment. It is home to world-class production facilities and studios. It has the largest sound stage in the Middle East and has supported some of the major cinema projects. It houses more than 275 companies with 2,800+ professionals and has state-of-the-art infrastructure. It provides licenses for production and broadcasting.

Business structures 

The various types of business structures available in the Dubai Studio City include:  

Free Zone Limited Liability Company 

It is a wholly-owned company or an independent legal entity where at least one director is required. 

Branch office of a UAE Company  

It conducts operations of the parent company’s business, and it is not treated as a separate legal entity. 

Branch office of a Foreign Company  

With no minimum share capital prerequisites, it is 51% locally owned. 

Freelance Permit 

This gives an individual the liberty to operate as a freelance professional. 

Benefits of company formation at Dubai Studio City 

The benefits offered by the Dubai Studio City in regards to the business setup are as follows: 

  • Zero income tax 
  • No currency restrictions 
  • 100% foreign ownership of the business 
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits 
  • No custom duties 
  • No trade barriers and quotas 
  • Low operations costs 
  • First-class infrastructure 
  • First-class support services 
  • Best amenities for media companies 

Documents required for registration at Dubai Studio City 

The documents required for the Dubai Studio City Free Zone Company Formation process are as follows: 

  • Application for license 
  • Original resolution on plain paper, with two copies concerning the following: 
    • Establishment of an FZ-LLC/branch in the Dubai Studio City Free Zone
    • Appointing manager and assignment of power of attorney for manager and directors (if applicable)
    • Indicating paid-up capital and share allocation between the shareholders
    • Appointment of directors (if applicable)
  • Copy of business plan 
  • Valid passport copy of
    • The manager
    • The shareholders and directors
    • The negotiator/legal representative, if applicable
  • Original bank reference letter for each shareholder, which confirms the following:
    • Type of account along with information on how long it has been active
    • That the account has been operated to the bank’s satisfaction
  • Specimen signature of the
    • Manager
    • Shareholders/Directors
    • Negotiator/Legal representative, if applicable

Guidelines for submission of documents at Dubai Studio City 

Certain guidelines that the applicant must keep in mind for the submission of legal documents are: 

  • All the legal documents that are more than one page in length are to be sealed under the Power of Attorney, and need the passport copy of the attorney is required to be attached.
  • The authority may request extra documents as it may deem fit.
  • The Dubai Studio City authority has the right to ask for extra attestation by the UAE Embassy or the other Embassies, as may be necessary.
  • Power of Attorney and/or Board Resolution for the manager, which must state the manager’s full name as per passport, including the nationality and a valid passport number.
Dubai Studio City, Dubai Studio City Free Zone Business Setup | DSC Company Formation
  • The legal documents are required to be drafted in Arabic and/or English. Documents that are in any other language must be accompanied by a certified English or Arabic translation.

Business setup procedure at Dubai Studio City  

The procedure to setup a business in DSC includes the following steps: 

  • Submission of the application for approval (Company registration application, license application, business plan, and coloured copy of passport)
  • Submission of legal documents for the registration of the company
  • Signing and returning the Customer Confirmation Letter and making the payment
  • Memorandum of association and articles of association signing
  • Depositing share capital
  • Signing of the lease and the personnel sponsorship agreement
  • Payment of fees and collection of the license
Dubai Studio City, Dubai Studio City Free Zone Business Setup | DSC Company Formation


Dubai Studio City provides the following facilities: 

  • Commercial Spaces – Multiple flexible and strategically located offices are available. 
  • Co-working Spaces – Fully integrated and ready-to-use space suiting everyone. 
  • Boutique Studios – Offices and attached studios that are a great fit for production companies. 
  • In5 – Innovation platform for all start-ups, design, and tech companies. 
  • GoFreelance – Easy place to start a freelancing career in education, media, or technology. 
  • Retail – A number of dynamic retail options available. 
  • Light Industrial Units – Strategic and multi-purpose units are available. 
  • Warehouses – Multi-purpose warehouses are available with well-built infrastructure.  
  • Sound stages – Multiple types of sophisticated sound stages are available, along with Green rooms and spaces for the audition, meetings, and many more. 
  • Others – Spaces are available for exhibitions, meetings, workshops, training, conferences, dinners, concerts, events, promotions, film shoots, and many more. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the import and export of goods allowed in Dubai Studio City?

Yes, import and export of goods is allowed. 

Are there minimum share capital requirements at DSC? 

Yes, there are but not for setting up a branch company. 

Is a corporate shareholder allowed? 

Yes, a corporate shareholder is allowed, but it is important to note that a corporate director is not allowed. 

Is a residency visa issued at Dubai Studio City?

Yes, residency visas are issued. 

Dubai Studio City, Dubai Studio City Free Zone Business Setup | DSC Company Formation
Dubai Studio City Company Formation 

N R Doshi & Partners

Working experience of 34 years and a growing team of professionals enables us to help you with the company formation in Dubai Studio City. We assist our clients in the best possible manner and help them to set up their business free of any hassles. 

We provide our clients with accurate information about the free zone facilities and benefits and the process of setting up a company. We help in cost estimation so that our clients can plan the expenses and make decisions accordingly. We help in obtaining all necessary documents and help our clients through the entire setup process. 

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