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Financial and Banking Services

As we have expertise and experience in doing accounting for the banking sector, you already have one strong reason to keep us above other accounting firms in Dubai for accounting and bookkeeping. We are even amongst the leading audit firms in Dubai known for the time-effective and accurate internal audits.


When you maintain all the records of your sales and accounts, it helps one to conduct analytics. With our service, you can keep track of the movement of a single item through our skilled retail inventory management. We even prepare tax returns and conduct VAT consulting for our clients to make sure that their regulatory requirements are met.

Gold, Jewellery and Precious Stones

In order to help ever growing jewelry industry, we have tailored our services to support jewellers in achieving their business goals. Now N R Doshi & Partners has already started implementing its service for the betterment of clients facing fierce competition.


The sector could be further divided into various sections- healthcare services, biologics, pharmaceutical drugs, and veterinary healthcare. That’s where we come into the picture. Let your burden go down on us and place the things in priority, which will focus on the improvement of your healthcare service.

Energy and Utilities

Due to the interlinking of different industries, it becomes tough as well as essential to keep the record of every transaction taking place in the energy and utilities industry. The financial reports created for a custom period should contain the exact data of the company’s assets, liabilities, and owner equity.

Real Estate and Infrastructure

As we have years of experience in the industry, the level of skills we own is unquestionable. The reputation we have built by working with various industries, including infrastructure and real estate itself, proves that we are determined to provide work to our clients time-efficiently without compromising with the quality of the work.


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