Dubai Media City


Dubai Media City (DMC) has grown to become a thriving business community hosting both global and regional media companies since opening in January 2001. DMC offers media companies and independent media professionals a pro-business environment which enables them to operate with collective synergy and freedom while enjoying free zone benefits including 100 per cent business ownership and tax-free income as well as value added services such as networking opportunities, venue management services, industry building programs and government services.

Dubai Media City offers media and advertising companies in Dubai an ecosystem where they can showcase their products and services and get a chance to interact with some of the leading marketing companies in the UAE, and global media giants like Bertelsmann, CNBC, CNN, Forbes, MBC, Reuters, Showtime and Sony. Click here for a list of key industry players based in Dubai Media City.

BUSINESS IN Dubai Media City

According to PWC, the MENA region enjoys the highest growth index of the Entertainment and Media (E&M) market across the globe. The MENA region’s E&M market is forecasted to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 16.5 per cent for the next five years. Neighboring markets of Turkey and India also have high E&M market growth rates. In fact, Price Waterhouse Coopers predicts these three leading global markets will grow at a higher rate than the markets of North America and Europe.

AD Spend Market

  • The MENA region is expected to lead the Entertainment & Media sector growth for the next five years.  This fact is evident in the growth and health of the MENA region’s Ad Spend Market.
  • By 2013, MENA’s advertising market is expected to grow at a breathtaking 12.6 per cent CAGR.  The UAE continues to lead with the largest Ad Spend market in the MENA region. Despite the UAE Ad Spend decrease from H2 2009 to 2010, the Arab Media Outlook projects, coupled with a myriad of business opportunities, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, are expected to enhance the Ad Spend growth from 2010- 2013 onwards.
  • Spurred on by business opportunities, especially by small businesses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE’s overall Ad Spend was the highest in the MENA region in 2009-2010. This makes UAE an attractive market and a strategic location for media companies.
  • Although Saudi Arabia is the second biggest advertiser, the UAE, with its ample business opportunities, remains an easier location for doing business. Despite the fact that Egypt is one of the fastest growing Arab countries, growth, especially in terms of new business opportunities and expansion is expected to decelerate to a CAGR of 7 per cent between 2009- 2013. On the other hand, UAE and Qatar are forecasted to be the fastest growing advertising markets with 11per cent CAGR.
  • In terms of fractions Newspaper and Television account for almost 80 per cent of the Ad Spend in the MENA region. However, in 2009-2013 the internet has made significant inroads to become a popular, and flexible platform for marketing and advertising, especially for younger demographics.

Dubai Media City company type

  • Free Zone LLC: A FZ-LLC is formed as a separate legal entity, with shareholders as individuals and/or entities. Each FZ-LLC is required to have at least one director.
  • Branch: A branch of a foreign or a UAE company is not a legal entity separate from its parent but is considered a place of business that forms a legally dependent part of the parent company and conducts all or some of the operations inherent in the parent’s business. No share capital is required.
  • Freelancer: The Freelancer Permit offers the ability to operate as a freelance professional i.e., as a sole practitioner that enables the individual to conduct business in their birth name as opposed to a brand name.

Dubai Media City License type

  • New Incorporation of a Dubai Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC)
  • Branch of an Existing Foreign/UAE Company
  • Freelance permit
Dubai Media City
Established in 2000
About the free zone Dubai Media City has become a regional hub for media organizations including news agencies, publishing, online media, advertising, production, broadcast facilities, and event management companies. Dubai Media City offers media and advertising companies in Dubai an ecosystem where they can showcase their products and services.
Number of companies Over 1300
Industry focus Media and Advertising
Limited liability companies Yes
Minimum number of shareholders required 1
Minimum number of directors required 1
Corporate shareholders allowed Yes
Corporate directors allowed No
Public register of shareholders and directors NO
Access to UAE Double Taxation Treaties Yes
Port at freezone No. Close proximity to Jebel Ali Free Zone and Al Maktoum International Airport
Allowed to import and export goods Yes
Commercial offices Available as commercial offices, food courts and retail stores.
Industrial premises No
Warehousing facility No
Accommodation facility Yes in close proximity
Major companies example CNN, Bertelsmann, CNBC, Forbes, Reuters

Dubai Media City Free Zone