Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD)


Kizad or the Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi was unveiled in November 2010 by Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC) in Abu Dhabi and officially opened in September 2012. When completed, the 418-square-kilometre (161 sq. mi) Kizad site will become one of the Middle East’s largest industrial free-trade and non-free trade zones.

Kizad’s primary objective is to attract foreign investments with will generate job opportunities for skilled Emiratis and expatriates alike. According to the Kizad official website: “The economic benefits are obvious – by 2030, Kizad will be expected to contribute around 15% of Abu Dhabi’s non-oil GDP. It will be a powerful magnet for foreign direct investment, with global business locating large-scale primary and downstream manufacturing facilities in the Industrial Zone. It is anticipated that between 60% and 80% of the goods manufactured within Kizad will be exported, adding further value to the nation’s economy.”

BUSINESS IN Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi

Centrally situated between East and West, Abu Dhabi is the ideal location for businesses to tap into huge regional and global markets. Its world central location means businesses in the Industrial Zone can tap into a market of more than two billion consumers within four time zones. Europe, Russia, India and Africa, are all easily reached while the markets of the Far East – Asia, Korea, China and Japan are readily accessible.

World-class Transport Network; Infrastructure

A world-class transportation infrastructure underpins Kizad’s multimodal connectivity to roads, ports, rail and air networks ensuring easy accessibility to and from the Industrial Zone.

  • Sea : Kizad will benefit from excellent access by sea though its ultra-modern deep-water seaport, Khalifa Port. Khalifa Port is being developed to accommodate the largest ships to ensure easy import of bulk raw materials and export of finished goods. An ultra-modern facility, the port is already active; receiving construction cargoes as well as alumina for the Emal smelter at a dedicated berth.
  • Air : Kizad is also directly connected to the markets of the UAE and the wider Middle East. The Industrial Zone and Khalifa Port have excellent access to the UAE’s excellent highway network which links to the Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) and wider Middle East.
  • Roads : Roads in and around the Industrial Zone will be international standard dual four-lane highways, and dual three-lane arterial roads for efficient movement of goods and traffic.
  • Railways : The option of dedicated rail links and marshalling yards within Kizad also exists. Union Railway – currently constructing the UAE component of a planned Pan-Arabian rail network linking Yemen, Oman and Saudi Arabia with the European Union and Russia – offers the opportunity to integrate rail freight facilities into the operating plan of customers’ plants, and Kizad is keen to facilitate such bulk handling capabilities into the Zone’s infrastructure.

Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi company type

  • Limited liability Company : The Company is a limited liability company, having a minimum paid-up capital of Dirham 150,000 or such higher paid-up capital as may be prescribed. The limited liability company can be owned by individual or corporate or individual and corporate.
  • Branch Company : The branch company having valid registration and license outside ADFZ can apply for the formation of a branch company. The branch company can be either registered as a branch of UAE Company or a branch of foreign Company.

Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi License type

  • Industrial License : Permits import of raw material, manufacturing, processing, assembling, packaging and export of intermediate and/or finished product and such other industrial activities as are published in the Industrial License (Category List)
  • Trading License OR General Trading License : Permits trading activities that include import, export, distribution, stocking, warehousing of products and items specified on the License and such other trading activities as are published in the Trading License (Category List).
    A General Trading License maybe issued if the total number of products exceed 17 (Seventeen) or total number of groups exceed 3 (three)
  • Service License : Permits service activities such as management and economic consulting services, marketing services, logistical support services such as cargo and freight forwarding, restaurants, retail food outlets, catering services, travel agencies etc. as are published in the Service License (Category List).
Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD)
Established in 2010
About the free zone KIZAD is located at Tameelah, midway between the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Khalifa Port – The first semi-automated deep water port is also located next to KIZAD. KIZAD has created vertically integrated clusters in the industries of aluminum, steel, engineered metal products, petrochemicals and chemicals, pharmaceuticals and healthcare equipment, food, paper, print and packaging, and trade and logistics.
Number of companies Over 50
Industry focus Suitable for all types of industries
Limited liability companies Yes
Minimum number of shareholders required 1
Minimum number of directors required 1
Corporate shareholders allowed Yes
Corporate directors allowed No
Public register of shareholders and directors No
Access to UAE Double Taxation Treaties Yes
Port at freezone Khalifa Seaport
Allowed to import and export goods Yes
Commercial offices Yes
Industrial premises Yes
Warehousing facility Yes
Accommodation facility Yes
Major companies example Emirates Aluminum, Bauer, KSB, Al Braik Investments, Palletco

Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu DhabiKhalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi Free ZoneKIZAD