Corporate Finance

Corporate finance involves appropriate financing of an organization, increasing shareholder value, investing in projects that add value to the organization and earning high rate of return on investment.

We have the required structural and functional resource base to hep your organization develop insightful financial planning and functions to take your company on a continuous growth trajectory.

The key areas our corporate finance experts and teams will assist you in are as follows:

Investment Analysis and Capital Allocation : Organisations have different sources of funding, and a capital budget they need to function with. Investment analysis involves making decisions about which value-add projects to invest in. The criteria for investment are highest profitability and sustainability. We assist you towards such credible and lucrative investments.

The second aspect of capital allocation or budgeting involves paying away surplus in capital funds to shareholders as dividends. Both these functions lead to higher shareholder value which is the most important financial goal of any company. We provide detailed consultancy and assistance in each.

Working Capital Management : This component of corporate finance involves short-term finances management in a company. Operating balance of current assets and liabilities, short-time credit extension to consumers, etc. come under this category.

Return on Investment : We keep a check on the market trends and economic scenario for you. Keeping these factors in mind we suggest you projects that will provide you the best ROI (return on investment) for your business. We also suggest projects that will consolidate your organization’s financial positioning in the market.

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