Project Feasibility Report

project-Feasibility-imgIntegral to a business’ growth and success is a project feasibility study and reporting. These involve assessing the workability of a proposed project. There are many challenges that need to be dealt with before a firm gives nod to a project. The most important one involves a basic cost-benefit ratio. Investing in the right project would raise shareholder value and yield a good return on investment.

We pride ourselves in having extensive and thorough market information. Our clients become the direct beneficiaries of this information and consequently invest in projects that have high success rates.

Project feasibility involves many parameters. Through our 25 years of experience in the field, we tell our clients how to sail the uncertain waters of project feasibility and business investment.

The feasibility study may include:
  • legal-feasibility-icon
    Legal feasibility
  • financial-feasibility-icon
    Financial feasibility
  • operational-ffeasibility-icon
    Operational feasibility
  • economic-feasibility-icon
    Economic feasibility
  • technical-feasibility-icon
    Technical feasibility
  • market-feasibility-icon
    Market feasibility
  • resource-feasibility-icon
    Resource feasibility

The feasibility study carried out by N R Doshi & Partners proved to be well researched and facilitated. We couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome, and would have no qualms whatsoever in recommending NRD’s services to others

Mr. Amer Halabi CEO Restaurant- Hospitality Industry


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