Due Diligence

Businesses acquisitions are made, and contracts are signed only after understanding and estimating every aspect of the business. A thorough investigation or financial due diligence thus becomes an inevitable precursor to a major business deal as well as future success of an organisation.

At N.R. Doshi and Partners we understand that at the heart of a great business deal lies, complete transparency and authentic financial statements shared between the buyer and the seller.

A prospective buyer needs assurance that the company he is about to acquire has met its governance and risk management objectives. One needs to ensure that the financial statements delivered to the buyer are correct and not tampered with. Thus the quality and credibility of the financial reports and information received become the main determinant in a business transaction.

We at N.R.Doshi and Partners combine our business expertise with field knowledge, apply strong fundamentals, explicitly analyse current as well as past economic trends and provide authoritative and independent due diligence reports that present accurate knowledge of all key areas and critical factors involved in a business.

The following are the four basic areas of concern that can give assurance as to the operational and other viability of the target company.

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    Financial due diligence
  • legal-feasibility-icon
    Legal due diligence
  • technical-feasibility-icon
    Technical due diligence
  • commerical
    Business/Commercial due diligence

Services being offered:

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    Business Valuation
  • mergers-and-acquisition-icon
    Pre Deal Evaluation
  • taxation-icon
    Vendor Analysis

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