Financial Audit

Risks are on the rise, investor sentiments are falling and corporate governance is under the scanner. It is a tough scenario for companies, but not an irreparable one. This is where we come in.

Financial audit is a very significant aspect of any organisation. We strive to deliver reliable and credible financial audit information. Business strategies and important decisions are taken on the basis of the numbers procured in the financial audits.

We at N.R. Doshi and Partners realize that your business is not mere numbers. We go much beyond the number crunching and help you in achieving greater transparency and trust with stakeholders. We present objective assessments that help you take well informed decisions. Corporate management boards and audit committees, internal and external auditors, analysts, and investment professionals all play an important part in this process.

To carry out this entire process we understand a client’s positioning in the market, legal liability, and investor interests. We then present authentic and credible information accordingly. We do thorough auditing, accounting and reporting research and then execute the process.

Consequently, leading multinational companies, small and medium sized organisations and a number of local institutions have subscribed to our services.

With sharp and clear financial auditing mechanisms, and a set of highly skilled individuals, you can put your doubts and dilemmas about your company’s future to rest, when you come to us.

Our key areas of expertise are as following:

  • Reviewing and complying with the regulations at every stage
  • Identifying system weaknesses and deriving feasible solutions
  • Credible accounting treatments in complex transactions
  • Independent inspection of externally reported information
  • Comprehensive study and monitoring of future accounting and regulatory changes.

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