Internal Audit

Internal auditing is an important arm of the audit process that caters both to stakeholders as well as the management. Internal audit is done for a variety of purposes.

Risk assessment and management are the primary concerns. We assist organisations of all size and types in effectively carrying out the internal audit. Corporate governance, effective management practices, internal regulatory controls, structural discrepancies, company growth model and risk management are the area we offer expert consultancy and services in.

We understand the aim of internal audit and work accordingly to ensure maximum transparency, organisational improvement and trust- building between the management and the executing bodies.

What can we do for you?
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    Designing and developing risk management methodologies
  • internal-audit
    Evaluate the effectiveness of the internal audit function to the stakeholders
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    Providing internal audit resourcing solutions
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    Full outsourcing of internal audit operations as well as assisting in-house operations with specialized skills and geographical advantage
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    Providing , enhancing and supportive internal audit software

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