Human Resource Advisory

Human Resource is not just a supplementary field of corporate management any more. It comes under the structure of core corporate functions. Human Resource advisory is a significant element of any corporate structure. At N.R. Doshi and partners we realize and recognise the immense impact Human Resource can have on a firm’s growth and development. Consequently, we support and assist our clients in evolving a powerful and driven Human Resource team with adequate skills and competency to meet the needs and dynamic expectations of the organisation and the industry.

We guide our clients by assisting the company’s existing Human Resource Management in five key areas:

  • Strategy and Vision- A clear perspective of long, medium and short-term goals.
  • Business Case- Quantifying benefits of change in HR
  • Operating Model- Modelling and structuring of HR functions according to existing business environment
  • Execution of the Processes- Effective implementation of new processes and policies to contribute to organisation growth
  • HR Capability- Enhancing internal employee capacities to perform leadership responsibility roles in future

We have an expansive list of clients whom we have guided towards more healthy and productive HR practices.

If you aspire for excellence in your organisation and want motivated and qualified employees, you can contact N.R. Doshi and partners. We will actively help you in your integral HR processes.

  • Organization or departmental reviews
  • Human resource policy and process audits
  • Competency/skills analysis and job design
  • Whole systems organization design
  • Performance management modeling
  • On call HR advisory services in all HR areas