Information Technology

Information technology has revolutionized corporate functioning and processes. However, along with the enormous benefits have also arose threats of information assets security, data integrity, extravagance in IT systems, and computer attacks.

IT audits thus become an integral part of any firm. We have carried out mammoth number of IT audits. In the course of these audits we have developed the most effective tools, instruments and strategies to determine the practicality and efficiency of your firm’s IT processes and functions.

We will provide a reliable and accurate audit of your IT systems taking into consideration the goals, objectives and finances of the firm. To find out the risk ratio and IT management scenario in a company, we carry out the following steps:

  • Assessing the credibility of financial data obtained from IT systems and its effect on major economic decisions of the company
  • Evaluating risks to a company’s data and information assets that carry huge financial value
  • Ascertaining the cost-effectiveness of the firm’s IT systems
  • Spotting excesses and wastefulness in IT systems and operations
  • Detecting weak management of IT systems and inconsistent service
  • Determining the level of adherence to relevant IT laws and standards

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