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10 Most Popular Business

The UAE Ministry of Economy reveals the most popular business licenses

In the past 12 months, the UAE has shown a shift towards non-conventional businesses. The UAE government has the target to shift the country’s dependence from oil and gas companies to other businesses.

It is known well that the UAE’s tourism sector is booming. However, there are many more sectors which have shown their strong appearances last year. Some of these sectors could be surprising for you. To explore the list, just scroll down and find out whether the business you want to start has made its presence in the list of popular business in UAE or not.

Popular business in UAE

Light trucks used for transporting materials

Transportation is a necessity for any business. As this sector provides support to other sectors, its growth is ensured. For that reason, in the year 2019, five hundred forty-six licenses were issued related to this business activity.

Cold and hot beverages

As Dubai is the business and tourism hub, the demand for beverages is everlasting. New businesses introducing cold and hot beverages came into existence last year as 898 licenses were issued.

Retail sales of perfume

Perfumes enhance a person’s presence and make a person appear more attractive. For that reason, it owns a huge customer base, and even businesses are ready to make the investments. The UAE had provided 428 licenses for the retail sale of perfumes last year.

Confectioneries and traditional sweets

The influence of other countries can be seen in the UAE when you explore the food items. There is a growth in businesses associated with confectioneries and traditional sweets. This advancement can be seen easily as 699 licenses were issued in the last twelve months.

Heavy trucks used for material assembly transportation

There is a huge requirement of transporting materials needed for assembling large objects such as ships and aircraft. With the growth in the industries dealing with massive structures, these businesses have automatically shown expansion as the UAE government had provided 532 licenses in a year.

General trading

General trading is one of the conventional businesses of the UAE. It is because of the geographical location, which allows the UAE to share its boundary with two important gulfs. The growth in this industry will keep rising as trade plays an important role in the country’s economy. There were 992 new general trading businesses registered in the year 2019.

Building cleaning services

Building-cleaning services include a wide range of services which vary depending upon the infrastructure- It can range from anything between healthcare cleaning to floor stripping and waxing. Different companies providing various cleaning services had started last year, as there were 375 fresh licenses issued.


Development of restaurants is the direct result of growth appeared in tourism and corporate sector. For that reason, 774 business licenses were issued related to this business activity in the year 2019.

Women ready-made clothes retail businesses

The retail industry has shown tremendous growth in the UAE. Out of all these retail businesses, the one associated with women ready-made clothes is ahead of all. Its proof can be presented with the fact that 390 licenses got issued last year.

All kind building projects contracting

We all know that the UAE is known for its skyscrapers, and the country keeps surprising people with its new architectural designs. The new building projects beat the previous ones setting up new records. Last year more than a thousand licenses were issued related to this industry.

As you can see, the UAE has smartly shifted its economy towards multiple sectors. Many new companies working in various sectors have set up their offices in different emirates of the UAE. Therefore, if you are planning to start your own business, it’s the right time.

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